a) I was a quite a bit younger when I made the Futurizer out of old cornflake packets and balsa wood and cotton reels and sellotape and string… but it took me ages. It has carrying handles like an attaché case and opens up to reveal screen and keyboard. When I finished it and opened the lid, there I really was. Okay, so it was only a picture I’d drawn myself of myself in the future, with white hair and beard, at my computer console with its screens and dials and lights, But I instantly knew I was actually, really there, in the future, sharing brainwaves with me.

And we’ve been in contact ever since. As you seem to have forgotten, we’re now a crime fighting team. We tackle villains together in our different times, me and... me. And you.

Here’s more from the Information Factfile on my schoolboy alter ego:

a) I go to a prep school which I hate hate hate hate hatehatehatehatehatehatehate but my mum doesn’t have lots and lots of money. We live in a part of London which is quite posh, but it’s my granny’s house – she lives upstairs and I like going up there to talk to her about things as she lies on her sofa watching her new colour TV, and she gives me little squares of Terry’s dark chocolate from a little box, and glasses of Tree Top orange and passion fruit squash. Downstairs mum buys plain biscuits and the hard kind of toilet roll in bulk from the supermarket, so that proves we can’t be really rich. My mum works for a women’s magazine. She tests out new products for a column supposedly written by ‘Brenda Shine’ which is actually her. We got a dishwashing machine for a bit, which made a lot of noise and left the dishes smelling of rubber with little chunks of Corn Flakes welded onto them. But we also get games and toys to test sometimes.

Anyway in your time I’m sure you’ve heard of me: Lord Timothy. I will have had a successful career in the Spacefleet, but by your time I’ll be back on Earth to play an important role in the new Government, as well as being an eccentric millionaire pop drummer. But he is/I am a secret agent too, communicating with me in what to him (and you) are the olden days, so we can exchange information between the 20th and 21st centuries and work together to defeat the Warp.

But now I can’t reach me and I need my help with a case. There is a man living across the road from us who I know has been watching me. I’ve been observing him with a pair of binoculars. He is very wild and scruffy looking with a big army surplus coat and he looks at our house strangely. The other night I saw him at his window staring at our house, and I’m sure he’s blown my cover.

Why would he be spying on a little boy like me if he didn’t know I was a special agent?